It Didn’t Stay Here: Flooding, casino hacks give Las Vegas a far-flung P.R. bashing  (Recent travails generate more than 14 million Web hits around the world), NewToLasVegas.com, September 22, 2023.
25 Best Places To Enjoy Your Retirement In 2023: Traverse City And Other Hotspots (Top places for leisure pursuits), Forbes.com, September 15, 2023.
With ‘Oppenheimer’ and radiation, Las Vegas stakes its claim to nuclear tourism (Sin City long has feasted on atomic bombs), NewToLasVegas.com, September 1, 2023.
It Didn’t Stay Here: Prosecutors in New York–not Nevada–indict Las Vegas faux charity fundraiser (Richard Zeitlin faces fraud charges for the way his outfit solicited would-be donors), NewToLasVegas.com, August 18, 2023.
New police-themed likely faux charity soliciting in Las Vegas is already being sued (Police Officers Support Committee PAC, part of POSC PAC, faces a Texas lawsuit over fundraising practices), NewToLasVegas.com, July 21, 2023.
How extreme heat helped make Las Vegas (Air conditioning turned extreme weather into another tourist attraction), NewToLasVegas.com, July 16, 2023.
RIP for a Las Vegas brain surgeon/pol who lived in his own ‘hoarders’ museum (Lonnie Hammargren, 85, had an interesting life), NewToLasVegas.com, July 10, 2023.
‘The Green Felt Jungle’–scandalous exposé that utterly defined Las Vegas–turns 60 (Best-selling book by Ed Reid and Oval Demaris has stood the test of time), NewToLasVegas.com, June 16, 2023.
Nevada regulator MIA on every single illegal faux charity pitch in Las Vegas (Secretary of State’s Office admits it has taken no action despite new legal authority), NewToLasVegas.com, June 2, 2023.
Iffy police-themed PAC mocks regulators by soliciting illegally and lying in Las Vegas (American Police Officers Alliance falsely said it is a charity), NewToLasVegas.com, May 26, 2023.
Why did old story about Hawaiians moving to Las Vegas make New York Times front page? (Nevada city just seems to attract wide coverage), NewToLasVegas.com, May 22, 2023.

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