Iffy cancer charity trolls anew in Las Vegas (United Breast Cancer Foundation still spends most cash donations on fundraising and telemarketing appeals), NewToLasVegas.com, February 7, 2019.
 Accused knife killer of homeless man I found had just left jail facing a sword charge (Jarrid Johnson was released without bail less than 48 hours before Ralph Franzello was stabbed to death), NewToLasVegas.com, January 23, 2019.
 Belongings of slain homeless person purposefully left on Las Vegas street (It’s apparently standard policy not to hold possessions for next-of-kin), NewToLasVegas.com, December 23, 2018.
  It Didn’t Stay Here: Bribe to NY cop allegedly included hooker in Las Vegas (Ongoing trial hears racy testimony about events during Super Bowl weekend 2013), NewToLasVegas.com, December 20, 2018.
 Tax filings raise questions about Las Vegas charity for fallen cops (Over 17 years, Injured Police Officers Fund has spent far more on overhead than help to those in need), NewToLasVegas.com, December 13, 2018.
 The Largest Charities For 2018 (Forbes roster lists 100 biggest charities, with data on financial efficiency), Forbes.com, December 12, 2018.
 How To Check Out A Charity Before Giving (Conduct due diligence and apply common sense), Forbes.com, December 12, 2018.
 The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2019 (List highlights 24 countries with specific places in each), with SLIDE SHOW, Forbes.com, November 19, 2018.
 Las Vegas contingent falters on Forbes 400 list (Two drop off, while most still on trail gains of peers), NewToLasVegas.com, October 5, 2018.
 Kids Wish Network–one-time ‘worst charity in America’–prowls anew in Las Vegas (Repeat pitch earns a nomination on my own list of ‘America’s Stupidest Charities.’), NewToLasVegas.com, September 16, 2018.
  In Las Vegas, Clark County Parks and Rec has a doggone problem (New signage after dog-on-dog killings at Dog Fancier’s Park contains embarrassing typos), NewToLasVegas.com, September 2, 2018.

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