It Didn’t Stay Here: Deported from Virginia for a Las Vegas-based Ponzi (Angelina Lazar admitted running a foreign exchange fraud), NewToLasVegas.com, June 4, 2017.
  Las Vegas and environs profit from UFO aura (Souvenirs, tours, attractions focus on proximity to Area 51), NewToLasVegas.com, May 30, 2017.
  It Didn’t Stay Here: Unlicensed pilot flew jet to Las Vegas (California man gets prison for carrying paying passengers despite revocation), NewToLasVegas.com, May 26, 2017.
  It Didn’t Stay Here: Prison for for NY pet pound staff who spent stolen funds in Las Vegas (Pair spent most of $800,000 on unsuccessful gambling), NewToLasVegas.com, May 24, 2017.
  I had to file a public record request for my Las Vegas water usage (Las Vegas Valley Water District coughs up data after falsely stating information could not be released), NewToLasVegas.com, May 18, 2017.
  It Didn’t Stay Here: Pa. official hit for okaying trip to Las Vegas Mirage (Northampton County HR Director Amy Trapp defends staffers staying on the Strip), NewToLasVegas.com, May 15, 2017. 
  Shadowy outfit rating medical pros operates in Las Vegas (Consumers’ Research Council of America uses banal criteria to laud docs, sell pricey plaques), NewToLasVegas.com, May 10, 2017.
  It Didn’t Stay Here: Las Vegas meeting leads to New York convictions (In Sin City, gambler Billy Walters got insider stock information, profited from trades placed through a local stockbroker), NewToLasVegas.com, May 3, 2017.
  It Didn’t Stay Here: Illinois politician sentenced to jail for Las Vegas junkets (Oliver Hamilton billed Sin City trips to a government credit card), NewToLasVegas.com, April 27, 2017.
  One topic Las Vegas image-makers ignore: Las Vegas scorpions (The little creatures with the toxic tail are found across Sin City), NewToLasVegas.com, April 25, 2017.

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