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   How to be offside without touching the ball (Video of Manchester United-Stoke City match shows clear example), Offside-A-Mystery.com, December 15, 2014.
   Fourth candidate in Seattle for ‘America’s Stupidest Charities’ (The Center for American Homeless Veterans, doing business as the Association for Homeless and Disabled Veterans, joins the race), NewToSeattle.com, December 12, 2014.
   Another iffy veterans group trolls in Seattle
(Paid fundraisers kept almost all money donated to The Center for Homeless American Veterans, doing business as Association for Homeless and Disabled Veterans), NewToSeattle.com, December 10, 2014.
   The 50 Largest U.S. Charities
(United Way, Salvation Army and Feeding America lead the pack), with Slide Show and How To Evaluate A Charity, Forbes.com, December 10, 2014.
   Are Seattle protests a good time–or biding time?
(Light actions may mask deeper tensions), NewToSeattle.com, December 5, 2014.
   Southern California bad weather: So what else is new?
(Myth of idyllic climate goes back a long time), Offside-A-Mystery.com, December 3, 2014.    
   Falling soccer goals remain a big problem for youths
(New York State enacts a law authorizing mandatory safety standards), Offside-A-Mystery.com, December 1, 2014.
   Marshawn Lynch charity spent little on claimed mission
(Seattle Seahawks star’s Fam 1st Family Foundation spent less than one-quarter of $200,000 generated), NewToSeattle.com, November 24, 2014.
   Arguments over soccer ball color are worldwide
(Laws of the Game don’t prescribe hue, leading to complaints by coaches), Offside-A-Mystery.com, November 19, 2014.
   Fake no-parking markings fester across Seattle
(Call it another variation on the city’s theme of poor signage), NewToSeattle.com, November 18, 2014. 

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