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   Far from Las Vegas, Donald Trump taxes and me (Forbes reported that $38 million tax payment a decade ago), NewToLasVegas.com, March 15, 2017.
  The Best Places To Retire Without A Car (New Forbes list considers walkability, public transit, availability of Uber and Lyft, as well as crime, to identify 25 top cities for carless living), with SLIDE SHOWForbes.com, February 21, 2017.
  The Caring Folks of Las Vegas (Friends helping friends), NewToLasVegas.com, February 21, 2017.
  If Trump wants more coverage of crime, come to Las Vegas (Local media serve up plenty of stories), NewToLasVegas.com, February 9, 2017.
  A copy desk decline in Las Vegas (Front-page story in Las Vegas Review-Journal has embarrassing editing error), NewToLasVegas.com, February 5, 2017.
  Las Vegas nonprofit for injured cops is legit but has high overhead (Injured Police Officers Fund has been around since 1982), NewToLasVegas.com, January 21, 2017.
  Clark County, home of Las Vegas, is named for a corrupt tycoon (Copper mogul William A. Clark tried to bribe his way into U.S. Senate before putting a railroad straight through the future Sin City), NewToLasVegas.com, January 18, 2017.
  The Las Vegas mobster next door (Guilty plea by Mafia boss living in suburbs creates local buzz), NewToLasVegas.com, December 23, 2016.
  Lying police union makes a lying pitch for money in Las Vegas (International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO, d/b/a National Police and Troopers Association, falsely depicts itself as a charity aiding fallen officers), NewToLasVegas.com, December 15, 2016.
  The Largest U.S. Charities For 2016 (United Way Worldwide leads list of 100 nonprofits that took in $45 billion in donations), Forbes.com, December 14, 2016.
  How To Evaluate A Charity (Look at financial efficiencies, then ask lots of questions), Forbes.com, December 14, 2016.

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