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   Prostitution charges tarnish image of Ivy League school (“Hot school” image of Brown University, and how it got that way, is discussed in the context of arrest on prostitution charges of two Brown seniors [the two students’ names have been withheld from this page at the request of one of the students, but they are available elsewhere on the web via a Google search of obvious key terms or on commercial news databases available at major public libraries]), Dallas Times Herald, March 17, 1986.
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   Maine town torn by church violence (Lee ME pastor Daniel Dunphy carries a gun while be preaches because armed men have invaded his services, and he himself is charged with assaulting a woman), Dallas Times Herald, July 29, 1985.
   World’s Fair Boondoggle (Knoxville TN is saddled with $41.7 million in long-term debt due to the Knoxville World’s Fair of 1982), Dallas Times Herald, July 28, 1985.
   ‘Pirate’ waves (Texans plan pirate North Sea radio station called Wonderful Radio London; backers include shadowy people with names like John England, Merv Hager, Four Freedoms Broadcasting Network, Grey Pierson, and Group Broadcast Licensed Companies), Dallas Times Herald, July 8, 1985.
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   Suicide hot line bridges life, death (Telephones on the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie NY, stop suicides), Dallas Times Herald, September 17, 1984.
   Visitors flock to Plaza (Delegates and visitors to Republican National Convention make stop at Dealey Plaza), Dallas Times Herald, August 20, 1984.
   Confidence in banking slides as failure rate climbs (In boom times, more banks are failing than at any time since the Great Depression), Dallas Times Herald, August 12, 1984.
   Politics of hate (In the Ozark mountain town of Weaubleau MO, the losing candidate for mayor, Earl Romesburg, is accused of murdering winner Ollie Cooper), Dallas Times Herald, June 11, 1984.
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   Retired officer links Estes ‘gunman’ to LBJ (Detective Marion Lee says Malcolm Wallace, accused of an earlier murder, told investigators he worked for Lyndon Johnson), Dallas Times Herald, April 8, 1984.
   Alleged hit man’s family disputes Estes’ story (Relatives of Malcolm Wallace says he was in California on the day in 1961 that Billie Sol Estes claims Wallace killed federal agricultural agent Henry Marshall on orders of Lyndon Johnson), Dallas Times Herald, March 28, 1984.
   Sources: Estes wouldn’t testify on JFK assassination (Billie Sol Estes reportedly balked at answering questions), Dallas Times Herald, March 25, 1984
   Estes implicates LBJ (Convicted swindler Billie Sol Estes told a grand jury that Lyndon Johnson ordered the 1961 murder of federal agricultural agent Henry Marshall) (with co-author), Dallas Times Herald, March 23, 1984.
   Marriage of loyalties (Abu Qiad, the Israeli-installed leader of a Palestinian refugee camp in Rashidieh, Lebanon, has survived seven assassination attempts and has a Jewish wife), Dallas Times Herald, February 7, 1984.
   University chief slain in Beirut (Gunmen kill Malcolm H. Kerr, president of the American University of Beirut), Dallas Times Herald, January 18, 1984.


   A legacy of violence (Strife in Lebanon is longstanding, noted in the Bible at Habakkuk 2:17), Dallas Times Herald, December 24, 1983.
   ’Awali Line’: Dividing Lebanon (Israeli troops search trucks across Awali River Bridge in southern Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, December 23, 1983.  
   Dejected PLO fighters sail from Tripoli (Fellow Arabs, not Israelis, chase Yasser Arafat and his fighters from Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, December 21, 1983.
Arafat loved by most Palestinians (Yasser Arafat retains hold on most of world’s 4 million Palestinians), Dallas Times Herald, December 21, 2003.
   The red cross of courage (Profile of George Saab, who supervises Lebanese Red Cross ambulance crews in war-torn Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, December 16, 1983.
   Druze leader insists Marines aren’t targets of their fire (Death of eight U.S. solders called accident), Dallas Times Herald, Deember 9, 1983.
Changing of the Guard (Marines in Lebanon tighten security), Dallas Times Herald, December 7, 1983.
   Violence chills city’s support for Palestinians (Many residents of Sunni Moslem town Deir Amar, Lebanon, now hate Palestinians), Dallas Times Herald, November 27, 1983.
   Is Tripoli Arafat’s Alamo? [PDF] (Surrounded by his enemies in Lebanon, Yasser Arafat warms to comparison with the Battle of the Alamo, until he learns there were no survivors), Dallas Times Herald, November 13, 1983.
   Death sentence for the innocents (Killings go on in Tripoli, Lebanon amid Yasser Arafat’s final stand), Dallas Times Herald, November 10, 1983.
   Arafat clings to a house divided (Dissent, retreats leaves Yasser Arafat on brink of being a mere symbol), Dallas Times Herald, November 9, 1983.  
   Islamics suspected in bombing (Shiite leader Hussein Mousawi vows war against French and American troops), Dallas Times Herald, October 28, 1983.
   On a thin line between enemies (Profile of Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Druze in Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, October 21, 1983.
   Islamics suspected in bombing (Interview in Baalbek, Lebanon with Hussein Mousawi, suspect in attack upon U.S. Marines in Beirut), Dallas Times Herald, October 28, 1983.
   Economic upheavals leave Israel in turmoil (Devaluation of Israeli currency have taxi drivers begging for payment in money from other countries, even those at war with Israel), Dallas Times Herald, October 16, 1983.
   Censorship thriving in Lebanon (Lebanon enforces prohibition on “personal attacks” in media), Dallas Times Herald, October 11, 1983.
   Marine paper tells Lebanon war story [PDF] (Root Scoop, the official newspaper of the U.S. Marines in Beirut, chronicles rising violence against American troops) [Story was published two weeks prior to bombing of U.S. marine headquarters in Beirut], Dallas Times Herald, October 9, 1983.
   Druze say U.S. aiding Christians (U.S. denies claim by deserting Druze officers of Lebanese Army that U.S. troops are improperly aiding Christian militiamen), Dallas Times Herald, October 4, 1983.
   Lebanon: A division by origins (Civil war is product of tradition), Dallas Times Herald, October 3, 1983.
   U.S. accused of betraying Lebanon (Christian leaders say the U.S. is sacrificing Lebanon to Syria for other gains), Dallas Times Herald, September 30, 1983.
   Checkpoint 76 in Lebanon draws the most fire (U.S. Marine Platoon Sgt. Manusamoa Fiame recounts hostile-fire problems at post near Beirut Airport), Dallas Times Herald, September 25, 1983.
   Lebanon army defectors refuse to fight own people (Druze desert Lebanese Army), Dallas Times Herald, September 22, 1983.
   Propaganda flies on winds of war (Propaganda war matches efforts on battlefield), Dallas Times Herald, September 18, 1983.
   Massacre: Living with the deaths (Residents of Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut fear another massacre), Dallas Times Herald, September 16, 1983.
   U.S. draws near full participation in Lebanon war (Syrian-backed militia advance near Marines at Beirut airport), Dallas Times Herald, September 14, 1983.    
   Besieged Lebanese town calm as Red Cross supplies arrive (Deir Al Kamar, surrounded by Druze fighters, gets relief), Dallas Times Herald, September 13, 1983.
   `A little bit of massacre’ (Druze don’t deny Phalangist claims of killings in Bhamdoun, Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, September 12, 1983.
   Survival a special skill for Lebanon’s war weary (Citizens learn to distinguish between incoming and outgoing fire, and other ways they learn to cope), Dallas Times Herald, September 11, 1983.
   ‘Peacekeepers’ status frustrates Marines (Col. Timothy J. Geraghty admits his U.S. marines are upset they have to hold their fire), Dallas Times Herald, September 7, 1983.
   Not just peacekeepers: Combat casualties remind Marines they are targets in Lebanon (American troops modify routine in light of attacks), Dallas Times Herald, September 4, 1983.
   U.S.-Egyptian force battles by the book (Joint military exercises in desert raise questions about U.S. Rapid Deployment Force), Dallas Times Herald, August 28, 1983.
   Egypt gives new life to the Citidal (Government begins renovation of the 800-year-old fortress in Cairo built by the legendary warrior Saladin), Dallas Times Herald, August 19, 1983.
   Body count (Billboard tallying war dead, now up to 505, strikes nerve in Israel), Dallas Times Herald, July 24, 1983.
   Israel seeking secure ground in Lebanon (Troops set up front line along Awali River in southern Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, July 24, 1983.
   Golan Heights stays calm despite Israeli occupation (divided families shot across cease-fire life dividing Israel and Syria through Majdal Shams), Dallas Times Herald, July 17, 1983.
   Syria exhibits war-gutted town as Israeli protest (Destroyed city of Quneitra used for propaganda), Dallas Times Herald, July 17, 1983.
   Law in Israel: Double standard for Jews, Arabs? (Israel admits it allowed Jewish settlers to torch Arab-owned stores), Dallas Times Herald, July 17, 1983.
   The reluctant invader (Israel finds itself mired in Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, July 10, 1983.
   West Bank simmering over slaying (Tensions rise after slaying of Aharon Gross, 19, in Hebron), Dallas Times Herald, July 9, 1983.
   Contradictions riddle Israeli policy (Analysis recounts lkarge number of inconsistencies in Israeli policy toward Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, July 8, 1983.
   Shultz says mission a failure (U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz says nothing has been achieved in Middle East peace efforts) Dallas Times Herald, July 7, 1983.
   Hafez Assad: Man in the middle (Syrian leader’s realism has kept him in power for 12 years), Dallas Times Herald, July 3, 1983.
   Damascus laced with PLO offices (Palestine Liberation Organization has more than 100 offices in  Damascus since being driven out of Beirut by Israel), Dallas Times Herald, June 22, 1983.
   Palestinian refugees prefer security of Israel (Refugees at camps in southern Lebanon say Israel lets homes be rebuilt), Dallas Times Herald, June 13, 1983.    
   PLO split erupts into open warfare (Factions battle in Lebanon), Dallas Times Herald, June 5, 1983.
   Rites of passage (Travel in Lebanon is stymied by myriad of checkpoints), Dallas Times Herald, June 3, 1983.
   Guerrilla attacks put Israeli troops on edge (Casualties in Lebanon for May 2003 hit high), Dallas Times Herald, June 1, 1983.
   U.S. Embassy in Beirut again working normally (Consular section resumes operations six weeks after blast), Dallas Times Herald, May 28, 1983.
   Syrian attack Israel jets over Lebanon (Bekaa Valley attack is first in year), Dallas Times Herald, May 26, 1983.
   In peace, Lebanon waits for war (Troop-withdrawal agreement does nothing to lessen worries of ordinary Lebanese), Dallas Times Herald, May 22, 1983.
   Tiny Bahrain is forging ties to survive (Arabian Gulf country lives by its wits), Dallas Times Herald, April 17, 1983.
   Oman’s main man (Profile of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, ruler of Oman, who took power by deposing his father), Dallas Times Herald, April 11, 1983.
   Diplomats in Kuwait lament liquor ban (Embassies plot to circumvent upcomign ban on importation of alcohol), Dallas Times Herald, April 3, 1983.
   Crucifixion site is battleground for rival sects (Different Christian groups vie for power around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, occasionally leading to fistfights), Dallas Times Herald, April 2, 1983.
   Stock market crash overwhelms Kuwait (Stockbroker Jassim al-Mutawa owes creditors $12.25 billion, one result of the collapse of the Souk al Manakh over-the-counter stock market), Dallas Times Herald, March 20, 1983.
   United Arab Emirates: A nation divided (Country trying to act as one nation even though sheikhdom of Dubai invaded Sharjah), Dallas Times Herald, March 20, 1983.
   The oil price slide: How long will it last? (Persian Gulf oil producers trim frills but won’t suffer), Dallas Times Herald, Match 6, 1983.
   A Jewish house divided (Israel’s second-class Jews give Menachem Begin a brighter future), Dallas Times Herald, February 21, 1983.
   Well-greased palms make the system work in Egypt (Bribery is a way of life in Cairo), Dallas Times Herald, January 18, 1983.


   O, holy night (Christmas Eve in West Bank city of Bethlehem is full of rowdy and drunken behavior), Dallas Times Herald, December 24, 1982.
   Lebanon’s tales of torture, murder (Lebanese Army tortures prisoners), Dallas Times Herald, December 20, 1982.
   Khomeini’s cause (Iranian partisans take over Lebanon city of Baalbeck; leader Houssein Moussawi vows to export revolution), Dallas Times Herald, December 4, 1982.
   Women in Beirut start own search for missing (Fed-up women in Beirut open their own office to locate missing husbands and sons), Dallas Times Herald, December 1, 1982.
   A state of mines (Profile of French Army Major Pierre Barbiere, who leads the team removing land mines from the Green Line area of Beirut), Dallas Times Herald, November 28, 1982.
   Divining for oil (Houston oilman Andy SoRelle raises $6 million in unsuccessful efforts to drill for oil in Israel using biblical references to oil that scholars say mean olive oil), Dallas Times Herald, November 8, 1982.
   He’s Egypt’s best-known Texan, but he doesn’t flaunt it (Austin’s Bill Harrison manages English-language Cairo Today), Dallas Times Herald, October 10, 1982.
   American University of Beirut: Open doors and a will to survive (profile of Beirut’s leading university), Dallas Times Herald, June 19, 1982.
   Beleagured Beirut: A surrealistic city (Gunfire doesn’t seem to bother residents of Beirut), Dallas Times Herald, June 16, 1982.
   Lifer (Long profile of W. J. (Jim) Estelle, director of the Texas Department of Corrections), Houston City, April 1982.
   Brown mistrial: Lone juror blocks acquittal (Second juror joined 43-year-old mother of seven in hanging jury so she wouldn’t face pressure alone) (with co-author), Dallas Times Herald, March 5, 1982
   Brown case declared a mistrial (Jury was split 10-2 for acquittal) (with co-author), Dallas Times Herald, March 4, 1982.
   Deadlocked Brown jury gets ’dynamite’ charge (Judge urges jury, split 11-1 in an unknown direction, to strive for a unanimous verdict) (with co-author), Dallas Times Herald, March 4, 1982.
   Testimony against Eroy Brown reread for jury (Jury hears words of inmates who witnessed killings), Dallas Times Herald, Match 3, 1982.
   Jury recesses; no verdict in Brown trial (Jury deliberates for five hours in murder trial of Eroy Edward Brown) (with co-author), Dallas Times Herald, March 2, 1982.
   Former inmates say threats ’common knowledge’ (Just-released prisoners leaving Huntsville prison and speaking anonymously say slain prison officials had reputation for violence), Dallas Times Herald, February 14, 1982.
   Defense: Prison officials harassing inmates (Federal judge rejects unusual bid to transfer Eroy Edward Brown murder trial to federal court), Dallas Times Herald, February 13, 1982.
   Inmate’s wife: Threats on life double-pronged (Depending on testimony, Mary Kay Lacy says spouse Ben W. Lacy faces retribution from prisoners or guards), Dallas Times Herald, February 12, 1982.
   Inmates balk at testifying (Prisoners called as witnesses for Eroy Edward Brown say they were threatened by prison employees), Dallas Times Herald, February 11, 1982.
   Inmate says life was threatened (Eroy Edward Brown testifies he killed two prison officials because he thought they were going to kill him first to cover up a tire-stealing ring), Dallas Times Herald, February 10, 1982.
   Defense using lingo to set prison mood for jury (Lawyers for accused killer Eroy Edward Brown use derogatory nature of prison lingo as tool to suggest prison employees have low opinion of black prisoners), Dallas Times Herald, February 7, 1982.
   Witnesses tell of events following prison deaths (Eroy Edward Brown, on trial for his life, quoted as saying, “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do” after killings), Dallas Times Herald, February 4, 1982.
   Sprawling tunnel network binds Houston development (Downtown buildings are connected by tunnels), Dallas Times Herald, February 1, 1982.
   Houston: The sky’s the limit (Boosters say boom will continue in Houston despite indications it’s slowing down), Dallas Times Herald, January 11, 1982.


   Small wonder (St. Martin’s Roman Catholic Church in Warrenton TX measures just 18 feet by 14 feet, contains 18 seats and has to be cleared for confession, but it’s not the country’s smallest church), Dallas Times Herald, November 3, 1981.
   Brilab witness: A man no one believes (Courtroom testimony by FBI informant Joseph S. Hauser has resulted in convictions in only two of 70 charges brought as part of the FBI’s Brilab investigation), Dallas Times Herald, November 29, 1981.
   Vicki Daniel found not guilty (wife acquitted in killing of her husband, former Texas House speak Price Daniel Jr.), Dallas Times Herald, October 30, 1981.
   Losing streak (Kountze High School in Kountze TX has the longest boys football losing steak in Texas history, 44 losses, but the East Texas town is gung-ho, anyway), Dallas Times Herald, October 16, 1981.
   UFO report (Vicki Landrum and Betty Cash say a UFO being chased by U.S. military helicopters doused her with radiation near Dayton TX), Dallas Times Herald, September 21, 1981
   Copters getting into Houston traffic jam act (Skies over Houston are congested with 250 to 300 helicopters, many flown for quick commutes), Dallas Times Herald, September 14, 1981.
   Anti-fluoridation movement alive and well (Activists opposed to fluoridation of drinking water are very active), Dallas Times Herald, August 2, 1981.
   Howton jailed following guilty verdict for swindling (Ex-Dallas Cowboys receiver William H. Howton, a/k/a Billy Howton, is convicted in Houston federal court with co-defendants Vining Towner Reynolds Jr. and Larry T. Lee of selling $7.25 million of nonexistent guaranteed student loans to institutional investors, in a case that featured the unsolved murder of a key witness, Arbab (Bob) Kahn), Dallas Times Herald, July 25, 1981.              
  Houston’s buses: Lots of money, lots of complaints (Houston may have the country’s worst bus system), Dallas Times Herald, June 21, 1981.
   Houstonians use deed restrictions to keep order (Houston is the country’s largest unzoned city, and it relies on deed restrictions for land-use restrictions), Dallas Times Herald, June 15, 1981.
   Group’s schism shatters Big Thicket tranquility (Fight pits developers versus environmentalists at the Big Thicket Museum in Saratoga TX), Dallas Times Herald. June 7, 1981.
   Armadillo man cashing in on little critter’s popularity (Austin TX artist Jim Franklin becomes famous for his drawings of armadillos; history of armadillo’s rise as cult object detailed), Dallas Times Herald, May 31, 1981.
   Bayou of Pigs [PDF] (Inept band of Klansmen and mercenaries led by Michael Eugene Perdue of Houston unsuccessfully organize in New Orleans to try and take over Caribbean island nation of Dominica), Dallas Times Herald, May 10, 1981.
   Convicts had accused warden of brutality [PDF] (Prison warden Wallace M. Peck, who inmate Eroy Edward Brown said he killed in self-defense, had been accused in an earlier prisoner rights lawsuit of condoning violence against prisoners and harassing them), Dallas Times Herald, April 15, 1981.
   Questions surround prison farm slaying in Huntsville [PDF] (Holes begin to emerge in case against Texas inmate Eroy Edward Brown, accused of killing prison warden Wallace M. Peck and farm manager Billy M. Moore), Dallas Times Herald, April 12, 1981.
   Texas city nursing home charged in deaths (Autumn Hills Convalescent Centers Inc. charged with murder-by-omission in the deaths of eight patients), Dallas Times Herald, April 2, 1981 (with co-author).
   Vickie’s trial: An X-rated show, a small-town sensation (Child custody battle over children of former Texas House speaker Price Daniel Jr. and his wife, Vicki Daniel, accused of killing him, brings entertainment and titillation to residents of tiny Liberty TX), Dallas Times Herald, March 19, 1981.
   ‘Spring Break’ for legislators means four days of free fun (Texas legislators are wined and dined in Houston), Dallas Times Herald, February 22, 1981.
   Price & Vicki [PDF] (long profile of troubled marriage than resulted in killing of former Texas House speaker Price Daniel Jr., and murder charges against his wife, Vicki Daniel), Dallas Times Herald, January 25, 1981.
   Brilab: War of the Tapes (Defense with help of specialist Sam Guiberson uses technology to best feds in big trial), The American Lawyer, January 1981.


   Judge rules Texas prisons violate constitutional rights (Federal judge William Wayne Justice holds that the Texas Department of Corrections violates prisoner rights), Dallas Times Herald, December 13, 1980 (with co-author).
   The trap (profile of speed trap in Kendleton TX, noting that funding and operation of local court appears to violate several U.S. Supreme Court rulings),  Dallas Times Herald, December 1, 1980.
   Cherry Hill’s land tycoon dazzles the money men (profile of Gertrude Saltzman of Cherry Hill N.J., probably the richest person in southern New Jersey), Evening and Sunday Bulletin (Philadelphia), July 20, 1980.
   Big plans to aid stricken singer have fallen short [PDF] (Disabled singer Jackie Wilson hasn’t received any money from medical trust created by entertainer Ben Vereen and others), Evening and Sunday Bulletin, June 1, 1980.
   Bankrupt borough doesn’t know what to do with $2.2 million grant (Money to Chesilhurst, N.J. is seven times annual budget), Evening and Sunday Bulletin (Philadelphia), May 11, 1980.
   Camden worker is paid twice for same hours [PDF] (Camden, N.J. ward leader Harold S. Jones, a/k/a    Poppy Jones, has two government jobs, sometimes gets paid twice for the same hours and threatens reporter asking questions), Evening and Sunday Bulletin (Philadelphia), March 30, 1980.
   Working part time for full pay in Camden (the governmental payroll in Camden NJ is full of no-show workers), Evening and Sunday Bulletin (Philadelphia), March 23, 1980 (with co-authors)
   Pinelands fraud case mired in courts (Lawsuit continues by State of New Jersey claiming banker Elwood Kirkman, his Chelsea Title and Guaranty Co., and politician Paul Burgess Sr. committed land fraud in using quitclam deeds to gain title to upwards of 5,000 acres of vacant land in the New Jersey Pinelands), Evening and Sunday Bulletin (Philadelphia), March 16, 1980.
   In Feinberg, a direct line to Williams (profile of Alexander Feinberg, Cherry Hill NJ lawyer and alleged bagman implicated with U.S. Senator Harrison Williams in the Abscam scandal), Evening and Sunday Bulletin (Philadelphia), February 6, 1980.